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Were you part of the Guinness World Record attempt?

07 Feb 2017

The record breaking attempt took place on Saturday 24 September 2016 at the Southampton Boat Show, where we sought to break the world record for the 'largest human image of a boat'. Were you part of it? Check out the film and see if you can see yourself!

Guinness World Record video from Southampton Boat Show 2016

The scene was set, we had marked the holding pen out the night before, the music was lined up and all we needed was good weather and a great crowd! The attempt started at 11am and was due to finish at midday. We had a good queue of people at 11am waiting to get 'ponchoed up' and by 11.20am we had about 270 people in place.

Participants waving

The drone went up in preparation for the 'big moment' but would we make it? At 11.40am we were counting to the original record and by 11.45am we were at 370, more than enough people. All we had to do now was the 'standing still for five minutes' bit - yes, we had to ask all 370 people (some with aliens!) to stand still for five minutes to ensure we got the photos, the footage and ultimately the world record!

And it is all thanks to you that we did it - Southampton Boat Show is a record breaking Show! So go on, watch the film and see if you can see yourself!

The 2017 Southampton Boat Show starts on Friday 15 September - grab your ticket now and join the fun.

Guinness World Record attempt aerial photo Guinness World Record certificate


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